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Mar 7, 2013 7:00am PST
outcast at 0193 or on kron4 .com. possibly it expected an attendant our law enforcement agencies across the community barry. see me as i first come, first served basis. they will start shutting down roads are around the arena there aren't signs posted a and this road will close at 730. the motorcade and recession will arrive at the 930 and 10:00. >> this is one of those things where the doors are open until that seats are filled. >> yes. a lot of seating for the community. keep in mind, they move the year because of the people they think are going to showed up at a lot of the seeds are going to be taken by law enforcement. household, if you want a parking spot your best bet is to shop early. >> we will have our coverage and screaming on our web site @ kron4 .com. -- streaming. it begins at noon and will also carry on our 247 news channel, has 193 or digital 4.2. >> a man was stabbed during a fight in san francisco's a misunderstood and early this morning. police received a report of group of people fighting around to 20 this morning on mission street about one block from the 16th s
Mar 8, 2013 7:00am PST
of their truck and continued fleeing law enforcement. he then called the shares support is to report the incident. >> the vatican says that the conclave to elect a new pope will likely start next week. the cardinals are expected to vote this afternoon on the start date of the conclave was said that it was " likely " that would choose monday, tuesday or wednesday. the cardinals have been attending pre conclave meetings to discuss the problems of the church and to decide who among them is best suited for the job. >> in world news, osama bin lande's son-in-law pleaded not guilty in new york federal court to conspiracy if to kill americans on september 11th. sulaiman abu ghait, who served as an alcan spokesman says, that he was captured and jordan. the past week and taken to the united states. he was charged in a federal indictment with conspiracy to kill u.s. nationals. >> today is the state fuel for venezuela president hugo chavis. he died earlier this week after a long battle with cancer. more than 30 heads of government, including cuban president's raul castro, a plan to attend. chavez's body me
Mar 4, 2013 7:00am PST
to play for a while. despite that no onopen container law and san francisco is not hard to find, well open containers some people tried to be discreet. others not so discreet, with a little harder lemonade. and you can rest assured that if you see a sign that says do not feed the birds, you always find someone feeding them. it is like seeing a sign that reads no stopping with the vehicles that are next to it. if you come to a fisherman's wharf, bring a good book and enjoy the sights but always be aware of your surroundings. >> lanes restrike are the weekend northbound and their fifth at the new viaduct. traffic has been slow to the area of morning. chp very early on received reports that the board not making the lane changes properly and were swerving out of the new marred lanes. they were worrying about an accident but we have been lucky with no crashed this morning. drive times are running about 626 minutes here in the northbound direction. -- 26 minutes. that is still a current drive time here. 580 makes a great alternate route as there are no longer any delays through downtown to the m
Mar 5, 2013 7:00am PST
. but there is uncertainty as to what will come next. there has been no definitive word on whether law whole we filter whether the property could be built on again. some experts say that is unlikely because the victim's body is expected to remain below the surface. thousands of sinkholes develop and for each year, but most small it not affect homes. >> for example about 3 mi. down the road there is a sinkhole that they're monitoring now that opened up. it is in tampa florida it is between two homes. the homes are fine in hillsborough county monday. there's no reported damage to the home. but a fence dividing the property is broken. county officials say the tousing colder not geologically connected and the new one does not require an excavation best- evacuation. >> back here in the bay area workers suffered through commute better longer and have a greater distances than any other major metro area and the country. new census data shows the region has a higher percentage of workers described as mega commuters. did people spend at least 90 minutes plus 50 mi. to get to the office in the morning. >> 4% of
Mar 6, 2013 7:00am PST
. however, a vatican spokesman says the laws will not influence the selection of the next pope. >> we are well aware of the existence of snap and the information you've seen and the press. it is not up to that organization and who is to preserve his abate in the conclave. >> the cardinals and of the black list not yet responded. >> venezuela as a sixth term president hugo is chavez has died. chavez was considered both charismatic encounter by israel as denationalize the country's vast oil supplies at a private businesses. he once called president george w. bush been doubled during a united nations speech. he thrives on confrontation with washington and its political opponents and garnered support from some hollywood stars including sean penn and danny glover. then as well as foreign minister says alexa's will be called within 30 days to choose a president. sabahs have been fighting cancer for two years, much of his treatment was in cuba. he was 58 years old. >> lawmakers and are back in washington after going home last week just before $85 billion in force federal spending cuts to the
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5